High-Protein Dried Mealworms for Birds, Chickens, Turtles, Fish, Hamsters and Hedgehogs, Non-GMO and Chemical Free, All Natural Animal Feed

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Dried mealworms are a new and innovative food source for wild birdsBird watchers find that offering mealworms to wild birds attracts a larger variety of wild bird species. Dried mealworms are a great source of protein, are easy to feed, and are very attractive to insect-eating birds.

  • 【Superior Bulk Mealworms】 A 100% pet safe, all-natural mealworm feed. LuckyQworms meal worms treats can be used to support barnyard chickens, hens, wild birds, bluebirds, indoor fish, turtles, hamsters, ducks, woodpeckers, hedgehogs and more.
  • 【Long-Term Health】 Chicken feed mealwoms are a year-round, all-season treat for animals that’s non-GMO, free of additives, and supports a strong immune system and energy level.
  • 【Protein-Rich Nutrition】 These LuckyQworms mealworms for birds, chickens, and reptiles are high in proteins, vitamins, and calcium which impacts egg laying, molting and behavior.
  • 【Resealable Freshness】 We’ve made the mealy worms easier to provide you animals with daily nutrition by providing easy-to-store, resealable bags that don’t require refrigeration.
  • 【Unbeatable Quality Assurance】 Here at LuckyQworms we take pride in the quality of our freeze dried mealworms and customer support. Contact us with any questions (crushed mealworms) for reliable service.