Double Elevated Pet Stainless Steel Food Stand Tray

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We don't eat off the floor and neither should your beloved dog or cat!
Pet bowls sitting on the floor are much dirtier than raised pet bowls since moisture underneath pet bowls is a great place for mold and bacteria to grow. Plus,not only will eating from this raised pet bowl be more comfortable, but it will also improve your pet's digestion.
Keeping your pet's posture aligned while eating will help food travel down your pet's esophagus.Let's give your Pet a more comfortable place to eat!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN:Unique gasket can reduce noise and special foot pad can steady metal frame & The structure of stepwise is convenient to eat food for different height dog;
  • SUPER STURDY METAL FRAME:Prevent bowl to be toppled or moved
  • TWO REMOVABLE stainless steel bowls: Easy to Wash & Bring Convenience option for dog eating and drinking at same times
  • CLEAR AND SAFE FEED ENVIRONMENT: We all want the best for our pets and elevated pet bowls keep food off the floor since moisture underneath pet bowls is a great place for bacteria and mold to grow;
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: five parts and install easily .
S-11.8"L × 6.3"W × 5.9"H
• Material: stainless steel
• Color: Black
• Bowl Size: 4.7"D × 21.6"H
• Each Bowl can accommodate 0.452 liters 

M-16.5"L × 8.7"W × 10.6"H
• Material: stainless steel
• Color: Black
• Bowl Size: 6.7"D × 2.2"H
• Each Bowl can accommodate 1.248 liters 

L-19.7"L×10.2"W × 13.8"H
• Material: Iron, stainless steel
• Color: Black 
• Bowl Size: 8.3"D × 2.8"H
• Each Bowl can accommodate 2.423 liters

Product Package Including:

★1 x Double Diner Feeder Dishes Stand

★2 x Stainless Steel Bowls