Dazone Metal Microwave Oven Rack shelf Kitchen Counter Shelf

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Give the clean, simple and tidy look to your kitchen space! 

Kitchens are simple one of the most important parts of households. We spend more time than we think we do when we're in kitchens. Our appliances and other technology are extremely useful but add up in amount of space they take up. With this kitchen shelf, you are able to place a microwave under, and add most things directly on the next layer.

Achieve a new look for your kitchen, whether it be for the purpose of trying to tidy up or trying to just rearrange your items to make things appear pleasantly. 

Simple Set up:

This product was created to ensure that the consumers have an easy time constructing the final product. There are a low number of pieces, and all of them simply just need to be attached to each other. 

  • Dimensions: 22.5" x 18.5" x 16"
  • Made through a special process to try to combat rust
  • Rack is made from structurally sound material
Included within the package: 
  • Pieces to install the stand
  • Instructions