Ultrasonic Control Barking Pet Dog Trainer

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The ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is a harmless and effective solution to calm barking dogs
Anti-barking device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent, Bark Stopper + Good Behavior Dog Training


  • Pet Training Accessories emits a high-frequency sound that commands your pet's attention, so he obeys your commands.
  • This anti barking device can be used anywhere - jogging or walking, cycling, at the park, in the car, at the beach, etc. EASY to carry in your pocket.
  • The sound is audible only to pets, finally turn on the switch and it can work well, also they can serve as a flashlight when necessary.

Use pet trainer to:

  1. Eliminate excessive barking.
  2. Eliminate jumping on people.
  3. Stay off the furniture.
  4. Stop clawing, scratching and biting.
  5. Dog barking control devices outdoor
  6. An excellent aid to discourage stray or unleashed dogs from approaching you or your pet.

How To Use Pet Trainer:

1. Point your pet trainer directly at the dog or cat always using an outstretched arm from a distance of approximately 6 feet away(effective up to approx. 20 feet).
2. Give the verbal command, then immediately press the button for one or two seconds.
3. Repeat steps one and two until your pet responds to your commands.

Box Contains:

1 x Ultrasound Repeller (Batteries are not included).
1x English user manual