42ft LED Outdoor String Lights LED Bulbs RGB Color Changing Remote Control 15 Bulbs

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Are you often recalling those beautiful RGB string lights shining in a memorable outdoor party? So why not use them to decorate your patio, backyard or outdoor space to let these bright spots accompany you every day? Outdoor light strings or colorful patio string lights is really a wonder idea to brighten up your outdoor spaces.

As long as you unleash your imaginations, outdoor lighting are also ideal to personalize your outdoor living space. More important, they can be installed easily by yourself. Color changing patio string lights illuminate the backyard and patio, transforming any outdoor space into a lively setting for entertaining, dining, and relaxing.

With a bit of planning and a little thought placed into how you will hang your patio lights, you can create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy from day to night!

Why Choose - Commercial string lights are recommended for permanent installations intended to be left up year-round and are suitable for hard-wiring. Some customers chose outdoor string lights simply because they’re great looking, are long lasting and add a professional look to their backyard.

Safety - A product has been tested and meets the requirements of string lights safety standards, as determined through independent testing.


3 Modes of “Jump/Fade/Flash” - Creating Right Atmosphere for Right Moment


This color changing LED string lights reduce energy usage, lifespan is much more longer than halogen bulbs, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.


Plastic material bulbs and weatherproof sockets ensure the string lights to be more durable,it won't easily break if dropped or blown around in the wind.


The string lights are linkable, you can link up to 4 strands end to end, 18.4 watts in total.


Flexible mounting options, simply mount on a flat surface or hang from above,mounting hardware not included.